Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stuck In a Rut I'll be honest...

I haven't sewn since December 8th. That's 2.5 MONTHS!

I have misplaced my sewing mojo somewhere under the piles in my sewing room and it hasn't creeped out to find me. I suppose I'll have to dig for it eventually.

I want to want to sew, but the actual desire eludes me. I want to blog, but I have nothing to share.

How have I been spending my time? Laying on the couch reading or watching tv. Not even hand sewing! So lazy.

I did manage to work on a project with my MIL Ann and some help from Aunt Ginny. I can't share yet, but to be completely honest Ann did all of the sewing. I just helped with picking out the pattern, colors, fabrics, ironing, and cutting out Heat-And-Bond.Ginny was a huge help with ironing, cutting, keeping all the parts and pieces organized, and helped us evenly distribute all the colors. The project turned out great but I can take only a fraction of credit for it.

I do have a good reason for all this laziness which I also can't share yet. All will be revealed in March.

I've thought about buying some new fabric to get my mojo back, but I've been cutting back on expenses to save money. The fabric would have to be really special and stash-worthy to get me to splurge. I would love to pick up some Flea Market Fancy grey and green seeds but it's not available until march. I'd love to pick up some Pezzy but I can't justify paying shipping when I could wait just a little longer, buy both of these lines at the same time, and get free shipping.

I've thought about cleaning up my sewing room and looking at what I already have with fresh eyes. However, I left it in such a mess in December, then I just piled the new stuff in after Christmas, that this task is daunting to say the least.

I've thought about just working on a small project; a quick finish. A Paperback Book Cover perhaps. The desire slips through my fingers like sand, and I'm once again back on the couch resting. I have my hexagon supplies right by the couch just in case I get some energy, but so far they have remained exactly where I originally put them.Untouched.

I'd love some ideas on how to get my sewing mojo back. What do you do when you're stuck in a rut?

Happy Quilting (to those of you who are!)