Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick Change Trousers for the Twins

I couldn't resist getting down to my sewing room tonight for a bit of fabric fun. I have a few projects in mind but my space is such a mess that it was difficult to get started on anything major. I spent an hour or so 'straightening up', and by that I mean that I moved piles of stuff from one place to another. I will definitely need to spend more time down there getting things sewing ready!

I have been really stuck on making Quick Change Trousers (pattern by Anna Maria Horner in her book Handmade Beginnings) for my little boys. My mother in law was so very kind to make a few for me while I was on bed rest including this adorable pair:

I LOVE how these are reversible! The other side looks like this:
My little boys are going to look so cute in these little pants! I plan on pairing them with onsies or tees which will possibly be appliqued with the prints used in the pants, or might just be paired with coordinating solids.

I spent the rest of the evening watching the Capitals beat the Rangers with my hubby and pulling out some of my favorite fabrics from my stash for a few more pairs in different sizes. I'm finally making use of my Heather Ross Mendecino and Amy Butler Lotus dots. I've been hanging on to these for so long, but I'm glad I did because these pants will be the perfect project for these coveted prints!

You might be able to tell from the above sneak peak that I've picked groups of 4 coordinating prints and that the prints all 'go' with each other. Two of the prints will be the butt of the pants, and two of the prints will be the legs of the pants or the cuff on the opposite side. I've tied off each grouping with a bit of spare fabric so I can keep myself organized when I go to cut.

I plan on making two pairs from each set of 4 so I can dress them alike if I want to, but I'm not necessarily dressing them alike all of the time. These combinations will give me lots of options to coordinate without being too matchy. I like having options! My MIL has my book/pattern at the moment, but as soon as I get it back these stacks will be chopped up pronto!

It's so nice to be moving around and spending some time being creative! Bed rest has been so restrictive. Thanks for staying subscribed to Threaded Mess while I was gone! Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more from me in the next few weeks...

Happy Quilting

Off Bedrest!

All my hard work on bed rest has finally paid off! The doctor released me to go back to work and resume activities with basically no restrictions! Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers!

Hopefully this will also mean some sewing projects and blogging are in my future!!

Happy Quilting

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Twins Update

I just wanted to check in and say hi!!

The twins and I continue to do well on bed rest. My subchorionic hemorrhage has resolved and so has the placenta previa. My next appointment is on May 2nd and hopefully they are going to tell me I don't have to be on strict bed rest any longer!!!

By the way, in case you haven't already heard, the twins are both BOYS! My husband is so excited to have two future hockey buddies on the way and I am super excited to have two mama's boys! Hopefully the doctors will agree that I can start sewing for them soon.

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers you've been sending our way! So far the babies are doing great and my condition is starting to improve which is a huge relief.

I still won't be blogging much because I am still on strict bed rest but I wanted to check in.

Happy Quilting!!