Friday, April 16, 2010

About Me...

I thought I would make my first post about getting to know me a little. My hope is that other people out there will be inspired to create their own threaded mess! It's so easy to go and buy something you like but it's an incredible and rewarding experience to create something yourself!

Fact 1: I have a very busy life and get easily distracted. I have a tendency to start projects and not finish them so I am hoping that this blog will keep me motivated to stay focused. Update: You'll notice from the dates on the posts that I am still working on this.

Fact 2: My favorite drink to have after a long day at work is rum and cherry coke zero.  

Fact 3: I am a bit of a goober at times. I love sewing but hate the way thimbles feel so I often find myself looking for a band-aid after I've pricked myself on accident. I occasionally stumble over flat surfaces and find bruises for injuries I don't remember. Don't worry, this has nothing to do with rum and coke.

Fact 4: I am very attached to my friends and family. I would do anything for them and love being able to make things with my own hands to give them as gifts.

Fact 5: I LOVE my dog. I have owned dogs in the past and they have been great--no dog can ever replace another and I love all of them. That being said, Lucy (my Boo) is a wonderful companion and she's so eager to please. In the year and few months that we've owned her, she has learned to not pull on walks, not chew on socks, towels, book bags, and coach purses, and how to behave around other dogs (thanks Cesar Milan). Who would have thought that only a year and half ago she was well known as "Lucifer". Now she's just our Lucy.

Fact 6: I am inspired to create because of my love for my family and friends. I love being a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a fiance, a soon to be daughter-in-law and sister-in-law, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a friend. The memories I cherish most are those I've shared with others I care about and who care about me. I love being able to make things with my own hands for family and friends.

Fact 7: My Etsy shop Lovie and Boo was named after two of the loves of my life: my fiance Matt (Lovie) and my dog Lucy (Boo).
Fact 8: I first started sewing as a young girl. I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and Santa was happy to help. I sewed clothing for my dolls out of scrap fabric and was quite the fashion designer. Unfortunately my hobby was pushed to the side and eventually forgotten as school and work took over my life. I am by no means trained or experienced but hopefully with time I will be able to improve my skills. Please feel free to leave comments with suggestions or tips for any of my blunders I share with you!

Fact 9: My passion for sewing was re-ignited when I started dating Matt and got to know his mother Ann. Ann loves to quilt and we proudly display several of her artful creations in our home. Ann made me a quilt for college graduation and it is a treasure I will always cherish. It's imbued with her love and care and feels like a hug when I wrap it around myself. She also inspired me to create a quilt for my sister.

Fact 10: My first quilt was for my sister Leslie. I knew how meaningful it was for me to receive a quilt from Ann and wanted to share that same love with my sister. Her favorite color is pink and her second favorite color is pink. With that in mind, I created a quilt with all sorts of pinks and touches of black and white to make it pop. Needless to say, it was perfect for her and she loves it. Even though it was a simple nine patch, when I finished making Leslie's quilt I felt like I had done something monumental like climbing a major mountain peak or running a marathon. Here's a picture of Leslie's Quilt:

Fact 11: I was first introduced to Etsy by my other sister who was looking for unique baby items. She shared her favorites with me and then I started looking around for myself. I ended up buying some patterns for shoes and a pattern for a pillowcase dress.

Fact 12: My first Etsy inspired creation was a yellow and white pillow case dress with matching shoes. My mom loved them so much that she asked to buy them to give my cousin's daughter as an Easter gift. She told me I should start my own business, so I did!

Fact 13: I stumbled upon covered buttons as a solution to completing the yo-yo flowers I sewed to those first shoes I made. The yellow center and the white flower looked so cute with the yellow and white shoes.

Fact 14: Making covered button jewelry is a labor of love. Believe it or not, it sorta hurts to make the buttons but I love the finished products and so do people who wear them.

Fact 15: Matt and I are getting married in May. I am looking forward to being a "Mrs" and starting a family with Matt. I can't wait to make baby clothes and booties for my own babies.

Fact 16: I work as a consultant to the government and it's great for now. I am really appreciative to have a job in this economy. That being said, I would love to be able to quit my day job someday and be a Mom with an Etsy business on the side. This blog is a start in that direction. Hopefully with a solid readership and more crafting and sewing experience I will be able to turn my hobby into a business of my own!

I hope you enjoyed reading my bio! Follow my blog if you would like to hear about my adventures in the world of sewing and crafting...

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