Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I was recently looking for some invisible zippers and could not for the life of me find exactly what I needed. This rarely happens with fabric so I was quite taken by surprise. I never imagined dark teal 20"+ invisible zippers would not be in stock at my local G-Street or JoAnn's. After all, dark teal is so on trend right now!

I knew I had seen a blog post about zippers fairly recently but couldn't locate it at my usual haunts (many had great tutorials for installing zippers but not resources for where to buy). My friend Hollie even helped me look online, no luck. I finally stumbled upon it today on Sew, Mama, Sew! when I was looking for a different tutorial. This guide to zippers was really handy, however what I really needed at that moment was a supplier of zippers. Thankfully, the guide also provides a link to a great small business resource, Zip It Zipper Supply. Unfortunately, Jennie didn't have what I needed either but she did point me to ZipperStop, a more commercial supplier, who did happen to have just what I needed.

So if you're like me and hunting for a zipper, check Jennie's shop (because we love supporting small businesses right?) and if she doesn't have what you need, check out Zipper Stop.

Do you have another great zipper resource? I love options.

Happy Quilting

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Hollie said...

I am so glad you finally found it! And thank you for sharing the links. I am bookmarking them right now.