Sunday, January 8, 2012


Just thought I would jump on the bandwagon and share a few projects from 2011....

2011 Quilty Finishes/Starts
2011 Quilt finishes

2011 Swaps and Gifts
2011 Swaps and Gifts

2011 Charity Blocks
2011 Charity Blocks
It was a pretty productive year because I don't even have pictures of everything I completed. Looking back though, I realize that none of these things, except for a handful of quilted book covers, were for me. I love making things for other people and I love being able to use my quilting skills for charity, but I am running into an issue where one of my quilt guilds is having a quilt show in a couple of months and I have nothing to enter. Nothing.

In 2012 I am looking to change that up a bit. In 2011, I started a paper piecing project which, as you know, is one of the projects on my quilting bucket list:

English Paper Pieced hexagon

I've been making flowers from greens and blues with a Kona White border around each flower and a Kona Pond border connecting all of the flowers. This my friends is going to be my main focus of 2012. The hope is that maybe if I dedicate more time than the odd hockey game or road trip, I'll actually finish this queen sized quilt in less than 20 years. Maybe.

Other than this hand sewing project, I am going to continue making blocks for do. Good Stitches, and finish works in progress. I'm going to try to resist flikr swaps and I am not going to join any new charity bees. I was way over committed for 2011 and I'm burnt out. Speaking of being burnt out, I obviously took an unexpected break over the holidays. I needed it but I am sorry for not warning you.

Things might be slowing down for a bit around here. I will still be sharing works in progress (especially the Rainbow I Spy preemie quilts) as they are completed, do. Good Stitches blocks, and if the muses inspire I'll share some new projects. But you might see long pauses between posts. You might also see 5 posts in one week.I can't guarantee one or the other. I hope you'll stick with me and keep me in your reader, even if I am a bit inconsistent with posting.

I hope this new year brings wonderful adventures for all of you, in quilting and in life!

Happy Quilting, and Happy New Year!


Theresa said...

Always looking out for your work Natalie! Take care and I hope 2012 is production one way or the other!

Leanne said...

Your quilts and projects from last year are all beautiful! I hope you have a lovely new year and that you find a pace and balance for this hobby that is perfect for you.

Jacey said...

Your hexagon quilt will be amazing! It will be slow going, but you'll get there! I know I have the same tendency to craft for others. I think a lot of us do that; maybe because we're more motivated to finish when it's for someone else?

Happy new year, Natalie!

Hollie said...

I'm definitely sticking with you Natalie and I am glad that you're finally working on your hexie quilt! I know you've been wanting to do that for a long time and it's going to be stunning. Let me know if you need any scraps in that color way. Those are colors I use often and I have plenty in my stash.

Carolyn S. said...

wow, great bunch of work from last year! Lots and lots! I could dream of being half that productive. I'm still working on my Bonnie Hunter quilt that I was working on at our quilting day way back whenever that was. ;)