Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Twins Update

I just wanted to check in and say hi!!

The twins and I continue to do well on bed rest. My subchorionic hemorrhage has resolved and so has the placenta previa. My next appointment is on May 2nd and hopefully they are going to tell me I don't have to be on strict bed rest any longer!!!

By the way, in case you haven't already heard, the twins are both BOYS! My husband is so excited to have two future hockey buddies on the way and I am super excited to have two mama's boys! Hopefully the doctors will agree that I can start sewing for them soon.

Happy Quilting!!


Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

Yay that's great news! Thanks for the update. Take care x

kelly said...

wonderful news!!! boys are the best :)

Chatty Kathy said...

That is wonderful news. So glad your hard work is paying off for you. I've been thinking about you and hoping for "good outcomes." Kathy

Theresa said...

So lovely to hear of your progress Natalie and delighted to hear about your little boys. Boys are just divine. Take care.