Saturday, April 27, 2013

April, how you get here?

My niece is quite precocious. She asks a million questions, often again and again when some perceived change has taken place and the possibility of a different answer warrants further investigation. Some may find this incessant need for repeated information annoying, but I find it adorable. When she was three, one of her favorite questions was "How you get here?" Often I would reply by telling her what kind of car I drove to her house, or sometimes the roads I took to get there and the states I traveled in. Her reply was almost always "Ohhh," as if what I said answered exactly what she wanted to know.

So, April, 'how you get here'?

Seriously?! Wasn't it just January? Didn't I just post? But no, months have passed and time has galloped on. It's easy to lose track of time for me these days. My life revolves around my twins' schedule which is some version of eat, play, sleep, repeat. Occasionally I get to go grocery shopping or run an errand. I relish the chance to get out of the house for a little bit and have some me time. I love my babies, but I'm thankful my husband gives me time away from them when I need it.

Like today! Today I get to take a few hours away from the boys and spend time in my sewing room doing whatever I want. What have I done? Zoned out to Harry Potter 1. Sad but true. I almost don't know what to do with my free hands. So I decided to write a quick post, share some long neglected photos, and hopefully get inspired or motivated to work on something.

This swoon top is done now and the back is pieced from remaining scraps. It's actually a 3x3 with 9 blocks and sashing in between. I still need to add the outside edge sashing which is a top contender for today. It was created with help from members of NOVA Modern Quilt Guild and destined for a special little boy with cancer.

These blocks made their way to one of our Do. Good Stitches bee members for completion. I had fun exclusively using scrap strips for these projects.

I made these blocks for the Roanoke Modern Quilt Guild where I am an honorary member. This quilt is being made to benefit ALS.

Speaking of scraps, I am getting pretty full! I will have to come up with a project to use some of these pretties up.

I did use some of them for this quilt that I am making for my boys. I'm having trouble moving forward on this one because I'm not sure I love the gray. I don't know if I should add more (grey sashing), or if the gray is fine but  to make the colors pop and calm the quilt a bit (add white sashing), take it out completely (replace the gray blocks). Maybe you could leave me a comment on what you think I should do?

I also can't decide if I should make two smaller quilts (make 4 more blocks) or if I should leave this one as is and make a second coordinating quilt with my remaining strips.

Or I could just organize my sewing room with my time, which would be good because I've made quite a few piles. I haven't bought much since the babies were born but I made a few impulse buys before they got here that haven't been put away and I've gotten fabrics out to play with but didn't put them away.

Despite my lack of direction, this is where you'll find me today. I hope you are all having fun creating or organizing your own messes, working on UFOs, or maybe starting a new project? This pile is destined for a friend's new baby girl...

Happy Quilting!

p.s. the boys are doing great! Mason is crawling, sitting himself up on his own, and pulling himself up to stand. Ronan is very close to crawling but he's more in to talking (ah-goo, dah dah, mah mah, bah). They are such joys and I am so blessed!

This was September '12
This is April '13

I love those quick change trousers!

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