Monday, November 28, 2011

Liz is Having Twins

My big (sorority) sister Liz and her husband Norm (aka Jum) are expecting twins!


To celebrate the occasion, Liz's friends and family threw her a shower and I was invited. I went down to stay with Liz the night before so I was there to help out with some of the food preparation, setup, and to take poorly lit pictures.

I was so excited to learn that they are having little girls and that their nursery will be in pinks and purples. I used the nursery color scheme as a theme for the entire gift.

I packaged Liz's gift in a pink and purple book tote from Barnes and Noble with a big pink bow:
Inside the bag were two classic tales, Peter Pan and The Secret Garden, and two little quilts for two sweet, little girls.
I know the blue throws things off a bit but I think the girls will love Wendy's adventure. Also there were no coordinating Barnes and Noble leather-bound classic books in pink that were the same size as Secret Garden. Such is life.

I decided to make the twins some patchwork car seat quilts since Liz's mom was making all the bedding for the nursery. I made one more purple and one more pink but a couple of prints appear in both quilts:
The backs are the same solid pinks and purples as you see bordering the squares on the front. I used this technique for the 2.5" squares as practice for the larger quilt I plan to make someday soon. I think Liz really liked them, but I am hoping the twins will grow to love them!

Happy Quilting


Carolyn S. said...

awww, sweet little quilts. You are a good friend!

littlemissmk said...

they are beautiful!

cribs for twins said...

absolutely sweet!