Monday, February 28, 2011

Spicing up the Kitchen Update

As you already know I am participating in the Spicing up the Kitchen flickr swap. I already revealed the first couple of hints in this post but I've been pretty silent for awhile and it's past time for an update! I truly don't know where the time goes...

Anyways, here are some photos to enjoy of the gifts I will be sending my partner's way:

As you already know, I started out by making some kitchen towels with some cathedral windows sewn on as an accent. I then made some coordinating magnets for my partner to use on her fridge.
I tested them and they definitely work!
For her next gift I started with a 12 patch of scrap squares and added a piece of medium gray fabric to the bottom side for some applique. The center is bordered with more medium gray.
I added applique birds and the simple but appropriate word 'COOK' to the top.
I embroidered a simple rectangle around the words before I added the birds because I wanted the birds to break up the sides a bit.
 The little birds have some simple embroidery along the outer edge and to define the 'wings'.

The back is a red gingham and shows the free motion and straight line quilting very nicely.
I added a little pocket to each corner before sewing the binding down so that my partner can use a dowel rod to hang it and keep it straight.
All of her gifts are tied up and ready to be sent. I hope she likes everything and that they work well in her kitchen!

Happy Quilting

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