Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Dozen Quilters March Project - court House steps for Hollie

I finished my blocks for Hollie last night and they were pretty fun. Hollie gave us this photo as inspiration:


Maybe you won't agree but in my opinion this block is very similar to a log cabin block. Sure the center is slightly different and the color placement is different, but they both have a starting square, strips that get gradually longer as you go, and form a sort of stair step look where the different colors meet.  I adopted a no scrap left behind approach to these blocks so the second and third are pretty improvised...ok the first one is pretty improvised too! I thought it would be fun to break it up a bit!

A Dozen Quilters Court House Steps for Hollie

A Dozen Quilters Court House Steps for Hollie

A Dozen Quilters Court House Steps for Hollie

For the last block I was REALLY running out of scraps so I hodgepodged a couple of smaller blocks together to make a larger block. Hollie didn't give us a size requirement so I figured this block will 'go' with the overall quilt since she will have to make all the blocks fit together.

If you are interested in using your sewing/quilting skills to benefit the national and global community, check out A Dozen Quilters. Each month, a member of our group selects a project to share with the group. All of the members contribute as they are able. The variety of projects makes the work fun and interesting and it feels good to give back to others.

Happy Quilting

ps--I've got a secret! A quilting secret!


Jenny said...

Those are great blocks!! Love the solid's!

Hollie said...

I love these blocks! I can't wait to see them in the quilt!