Monday, April 18, 2011

Purple Wonky Star Blocks Update

I got another couple of blocks in the mail today and wanted to share how they are looking on my design wall!

Quilt 1

Purple Wonky Star Quilt 1

This first quilt is shaping up to be wild, fun, and perfect for a vibrant young lady!

Quilt 2

Purple Wonky Star Quilt 2

This second quilt is a little more subdued and sophisticated which I hope will appeal to the silent auction goers!

I'm still playing with the layout as more blocks come in but I am really liking these so far and hope you are too! A BIG thanks again to all the ladies of A Dozen Quilters who are helping me with this project! If you want to join in and make a block or two just contact me by email and I will send you my address.

Happy Quilting!

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Sara Bach said...

The quilts are looking great!!!