Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NOVA Modern Quilt Guild Preemie Quilt 1 - Part 2

I finished quilting my first preemie quilt for the RK sponsored preemie quilt challenge. I chose to do a meandering zigzag to play up the angles of the half square triangles and de-emphasize the fact that all of my points don't match up perfectly. I really enjoyed this method of quilting but it was definitely a workout for my arms!

Preemie Quilt 1 all Quilted
I chose to use white thread on the top and bobbin. Normally I would pick a color to use, and I tried to with this quilt too, but white was calling to me and I'm glad I used it. It blends in nicely with the white triangles and is just the right amount of pop on the colored triangles.
Preemie Quilt 1 all Quilted
The pieced backing was a result of not having enough of the bird fabric or the gray fabric. The quilting really stands out on the gray! The squares break up the two larger chunks and gave me the opportunity to add in some turquoise and white which I think helps tie the front and back together really well.
Preemie Quilt 1 all Quilted
I would definitely make this quilt again or something very similar. I think it would make a perfect baby boy quilt! Now I just need to pick a binding fabric...any suggestions?

Happy Quilting!

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