Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Year Older, One Year Wiser

My birthday is in 13 days (July 26th). Rather than focus on all of the trials and tribulations this past year has brought, or all of the things I thought I would have done by now and haven't (both of which are many), I am going to (as a reminder to myself more than anything) highlight some of the good things that happened this past year instead.

  • I started the NOVA Modern Quilt Guild, grew it to 55 members, planned monthly or bi-monthly events, and organized 2 charity challenges.  
  • We've worked on our house: new roof, partially new fence, new roof on bay window, new wood trim and fresh paint on the trim, new door lock, paint in the dinning room, new furniture in the dinning room, paint in the basement, new shelves in the basement.
  • We bought a new-to-us car (used 2009 Honda Pilot)
  • We bought a full sized Christmas tree (7.5' artificial because I'm allergic to real trees)
  • I joined Cabin Branch Quilt Guild, went to my first and second quilting retreats, and did my first official quilting related demonstration (English paper piecing).
  • We were asked to be God parents to this precious angel:

My niece and Maria

My youngest niece

  • I started teaching my friend Andrea how to sew:
Andrea's pincushion, thread catcher, and coffee cozy
Made by Andrea with a little help and supplies from me
Andrea's coffee cozy
Hand quilting with perle cotton thread
  • And she started teaching me how to knit
My first time knitting. I only dropped 1 stitch.
I cut my hair. Again. I think I like it longer but Matt likes it shorter. I'm always in flux.

my sister Leslie, me, and my friend Mary at my Bridal Luncheon

Wedding Hair


Ann, me, and Ginny. I'm in the AMH Museum Tunic I still need to re-work to fit the 'girls' better
  • I was published on another blog for the first time (the Fat Quarterly) with a tutorial for the Marshmallow Brochette mini quilt which is what motivated me to make the pattern a lap quilt size and do my first QAL on this blog.

There are definitely things about this past year that have tested my strength, but there have been some pretty amazing things that have happened too. It's crazy how quickly a year goes by...

Happy Quilting! and Happy Birthday to all the other July babies out there!


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Lady! (I know it's early, but I'm too forgetful to wait 13 days!)

Dana said...

Its lovely to see your acomplishments as its made me evaluate my own. I hope to join a QAL or do some swops before the year is up. I love that you posted about getting a Christmas tree this one is on my list as Im not happy with the 6ft one we bought a few years ago and as I invested in some gorgeous decorations I feel I need the grand tree to back them up!

Cindy said...

You've accomplished many good things! Congrats! and Happy Birthday!

Rachel D said...

You put us all to shame! Congrats on doing SO MUCH in a year!

Jacey said...

Happy early birthday! From the sound of it, it's been a very busy year, indeed! I'm glad to have met you here in your space, and I am looking forward to seeing what you come with this year!

tasha said...

hi natalie!

you had asked me what color was on my walls....

hawaiian sky by dutch boy in satin


Sarah Craig said...

I'm so glad I happened on this post tonight - just in time to wish you a happy, happy birthday tomorrow!!! Loved your post - sounds like you had a very good year - here's to another great one to come!