Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marshmallow Brochette QAL - Quilting

If we were all on schedule, this week would be for quilting. I, however, am not on schedule...BUT! I am making progress and progress is good :) Look at all this progress:

Marshmallow Brochette Squares

I was a little short on the 36 squares so I ended up using 8 of them twice but you can really only tell that in the middle where the two wood prints are. I have since switched a couple around to get a better gradient of color but this picture is almost what I ended up with.

When I DO get to the quilting stage, I am going to quilt it using concentric circles like this quilt made by Krista.

Krista was kind enough to do a tutorial which can be found in her flicker photostream. The circles will start somewhere in my lightest squares and echo outwards.

Need some other ideas on how to quilt yours?

How about an all over meandering stipple?

By 90milemissy

Or some simple straight lines?

NOVA Modern Quilt Guild - Preemie Challenge 1
please excuse the wrinkles! it's the quilt from being folded, not the quilting

Maybe some straight lines with a bit of echoing?
Marshmallow Brochette in yellow and grey
By Bijoux Baby
Or some seed square mazes?

NOVA Modern Quilt Guild - Preemie Challenge 1

Still not perfect? Check out Leah Day's The Free Motion Quilting Project for more ideas!

Happy Quilting


Sequana said...

I had NO idea I was on schedule. :) I'm quilting mine today since it's cooler here.

I'm doing sort of abstract curved lines in an overall diagonal. Looks sort of interesting as I begin.

I'm using that little spacing attachment that attaches to my walking foot. I never really knew how to use it until Lynne's Dresden QAL.

I love this new one of yours too. This pattern makes all the fabrics just show off, doesn't it?

Poppyprint said...

Thanks for the link Natalie! I am sure that the concentric circles are going to look amazing on your brochette quilt!!!