Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quilted Paperback Book Cover - Part 3

This post is a continuation of
Today we will be sewing together all of the pieces we cut yesterday.

The first step is to make your pockets. Layer your batting, outside cover piece face up, and inside cover piece face down. If you have a directional print, make sure you are layering and sewing so that your finished pieces are symmetrical. If you forget the order and layer the two fabric pieces in the wrong order, like I did below, it's ok...you won't be able to tell the difference. 

Please note that you should be using a 3/8" foot (not a quarter inch foot) to piece your cover!
My 3/8" foot has a handy seam guide on it which is pretty helpful but not required.

Finger press your pocket fabrics open so that the batting is on the inside of the two fabrics. Both prints should be showing face out.
Sew down the seam side of your pocket 3/8" from the edge

 Repeat steps for both pockets
Trim away excess batting
Layer you cover with the batting on the bottom, your outside cover fabric face up, and your pockets  face down (the inside pocket fabric should be face up) so that the seams are on the inside and the raw edges are lined up with the outside raw edges of your cover fabric. If your fabric is directional, make sure to put each pocket so that the direction of the print is the same of the cover! I made this mistake doing this tutorial.

At this point, I go ahead and add a couple of pins to ensure my pockets stay in place
Then layer your inside cover fabric face down covering your other layers and lining up the edges with the other fabric layers
I also pin this layer into place around all edges to make sure it doesn't shift while I'm sewing.

You are going to leave a gap on the bottom edge of your cover so that you can turn your cover right side out. For me, 2.5" works well and is the size I would suggest. If you find you are having trouble with that small a hole you can unpick your stitches.

Sew a 5/8" seam along all 4 sides (except for the area you are leaving open to turn your cover)
I back-stitch at each corner on both sides of the corner to make sure it stays nice and strong.

When you are done sewing around all 4 edges (except for your opening) Trim off the excess batting
 And clip your corners at a right angle (being careful not to clip the threads too close) so there's not so much bulk when you turn them right side out
Take out your pins. Don't forget the ones that are on the inside of your cover!

Turn your cover right side out by pulling the insides through the hole you left
Flip the pockets over so that the outside pocket fabric is showing face up on the inside of your cover
You will have to push your finger into the inside corners of your pockets so that the layers line up correctly
Iron your cover and press the unfinished edges of your opening to the inside of the cover

Your cover is now almost ready!! Tomorrow I will give instructions for closing your cover and discuss some finishing options. Your homework is to construct your cover up to this point!

Happy Quilting

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