Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thoughts of Red and Aqua Running Through my Head

I have so many projects piling up in my head and no time to sew. Work has been consuming my evenings and weekends, and what I haven't spent working I have spent organizing and cleaning. I can't seem to get red and aqua triangles out of my mind...

Or how I am going to put my love pinwheel blocks together. I have been going back and forth about what color I want to use for the sashing and I think I've finally figured out a solution! I was really hoping to tie more pink into my quilt so it would coordinate better with my girly guest bedroom bedding. I put a fat quarter of Kona Petal up on my design wall and love how it is just slightly lighter than the pink in my bedding but I think overall it's too much color. I thought about it some more and came up with a plan that still brings in the pink but leaves most of the sashing white:

What do you think? A little pop of pink, color variation throughout, and mellowed by the white sashing. I can see it working really well but that means I have a lot more sewing and cutting to do...

I'd really like to make myself some clothes that can transition into fall like this Museum Tunic from Anna Maria Horner's website or the Anna tunic by Amy Butler! It would be so nice to have all the time in the world for these projects but alas, I have to make money to pay for them...back to work for me!

Happy Quilting!

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