Wednesday, September 1, 2010

do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee} September Blocks - Part 1

I just finished my first block for the do. Good Stitches charity bee. This block is for the September quilt being made by the Hope group:

*see the flickr page*
*see the flicker page*
This was totally out of my comfort zone! I have never done "wonky" before but I have to say it was pretty fun. I grabbed all of my blue and green scraps (the theme colors for this month) and pulled out what I thought would work well.

I store my scraps by color in Ziploc baggies in a bin so I can just sift through and pull out what color I need pretty quickly. This comes in handy for applique or scrap projects. As I am working on a project, I toss my scraps into my "trash bucket" (which is a re-purposed cheese ball container) and sort through them once my bucket is full. MMmmmm cheese balls...

The apple in the middle will hopefully tie in with the block jenib320 made that features more of the same print. My only complaint with the wonky technique is that there seems to be a lot of scraps left that I doubt I can use for anything else. I'm going to try to incorporate them into my next block and see how that goes. I'd hate to have to throw anything away if I can find a purpose for it! (omg I sound like such a hoarder)

Happy Quilting!

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Hollie said...

I love how these turned out! (And I am a total hoarder too when it comes to fabric. You're not alone.)