Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oak Grove Silent Auction Quilt - Part 1

I have a long history with Oak Grove Elementary school so when my mom asked me if I would make something for their silent auction, I couldn't resist! I was a student there from kindergarten to fifth grade, am still very close to some of the friends I made there, and stay in touch with some of the teachers and staff. My mom taught there while my brother Michael, sister Alissa, and I went to school there and returned there later in her career as the principal. I made history at Oak Grove with my campaign slogan 'I may be small, but I am on the ball'. I stood on a basketball and balanced myself for several minutes while I delivered my SCA presidential campaign speech! As president, I helped change the school colors from yellow and green (yuck) to black and gold (woo hoo!). I didn't actually want to change the mascot, but I was part of the SCA that ultimately changed the mascot from squirrel (so cute) to tiger (makes no sense with the Oaks but powerful!). I could go on but you probably want me to get to the point...

I decided to go with a pack of  Bali Pops in Strawberry Fields for the quilt since it had a nice range of colors, deep rich tones, and thought it would work well for a log cabin type pattern which I have been meaning to try. Here's what it looks like so far:
Sorry for the bad picture. I took it with my phone! I broke the strips up by color: teals, purples, multi, red, green, orange. I saved the lightest 4 strips to use for the center of all blocks. I then selected an orangey red from my stash and cut 2.5" squares for the centers. I added a few strips of a neat garden maze looking fabric from my stash to go around all 6 squares to unify them. I am using the leftovers from my log cabins to cut 2.5" squares of all of the fabrics to border all of the squares and plan to add the orangey red at each block corner. I think it's looking pretty neat so far. Batiks are crowd pleasers so I think this will do well at the silent auction!

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