Monday, September 20, 2010

Scrappy Pincushion Swap - Big Reveal

Drum roll please.....


For all of those following along as I posted hints, here are the reveal pictures of the pincushion I made for the Scrappy Pincushion Swap!

Meet Freddy the Fish:
Freddy has one heck of a dorsal fin! He's got buggy eyes made from cover buttons and felt, and puckered lips just waiting for a kiss. Freddy was made without the use of a tutorial or pattern so he has some imperfections. His body was created using red wool felt which gives him a cool texture and stuffed with Batting Scraps. He's partially machine stitched for stability and partially hand stitched to get all of the fun details and piecing just right. Here are some more action shots:
Swap buddy, I made this strap for you using some of my favorite fabric! It's sturdy and won't slip on your wrist. You can also wear it a little higher on your arm if you prefer. If you get tired of this strap, or it doesn't fit just the way you like it, you should be able to make another one pretty easily using Peltex or Timtex and a strip of a fabric of your choice. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve before Freddy swims your way so stay tuned....

Happy Sewing!

UPDATE: Freddy has lots of fans! Several people have marked him as a favorite and he was added to this gallery! I hope you love him too Swap buddy!


Sherry said...

Natalie, I just luv Freddie, your scrappy fish -- especially the bulging eyes and floppy fins and tail. Did you design him; and, if so, will you be making the pattern available?

Natalie said...

Hi Sherry! Thank you so much! I love Freddy too! I did design him and I think that's a great idea about making a pattern. I will think about that! If I do, I will announce it on my blog. Thanks for planting the idea!