Saturday, September 11, 2010

Onesie for Baby Benjamin - Part 2

Remember when I made those cutie pie onesies for Ben in this post? This was my first time attempting to machine applique something for a little boy. I was a little low on creative juices that night but managed to make a few really cute ones....with one exception:

Gah! Ok, stop looking at it! I know it's bad! To be honest, it looked girly to me and the poorly executed dark blue satin stitch around the light blue wonky rectangles (the "shooting" part of my shooting star) looked odd. I was torn because I couldn't stand the thought of giving it to my sister like that and I knew if I took out the stitching that the knit would tear.

I decided to take the stitching out carefully and see what I was left with. I won't show was scary. I knew if I was going to keep the onesie that I would have to do something fairly big. I asked Matt what he thought would look good on a star background for a boy and he said "a rocket ship, or a solar system". I went with rocket ship because I figured I could make the rocket pretty big and cover up the holes that were left behind.

I did not have a template or anything but I am fairly good at drawing so I thought I would give it a whirl. I started with a piece of red fabric and drew the basic shape of a rocket with a couple of windows and other little details. I sewed some fun yellow fabric pieces behind my "windows" and cut them out from the front. I added some blue for the top and legs of the rocket and cut out some wonky yellow stars. I laid everything out but some of the holes were still visible so I used a light blue Kona charm pack square as a background behind the rocket and stars which covered up the last couple of questionable spots. I also sewed the holes closed from the inside.

Ben's rocket onesie
Rocket close up
I did some decorative stitching up at the top between the red and blue but otherwise used a straight stitch around the applique pieces. I left the raw edges out for all of the applique pieces because I think they will fray in the wash and look cool. So what do you think? Improvement?

Happy Quilting!

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