Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playing with Publisher

I've always wondered what my blocks for do. Good Stitches or A Dozen Quilters might look like as a finished quilt. Today I discovered how to use MS Publisher to do just that! Here are some of my creations...

Chartreuse and Raspberry Quilt Mock Up

Courthouse Steps Quilt Mock Up

Apple in a Basket Mock Up

Pink and Purple Log Cabin Mock Up

Spinning Crosses Mock Up

I've never thought of using this program in this way before, but now I think I will use it to test out blocks before I commit to making a whole quilt. I'm also thinking about making some of them into business cards for myself.

To make my mock ups I simply opened my pictures within MS Publisher and squared up my blocks. Then the fun began! I twisted them and flipped them until I had a pattern I liked and then I copied that pattern until I had a whole virtual quilt. I grouped all the blocks together and saved them as .png files so I can play around with them more in the future.

Happy (virtual) Quilting!


Sequana said...

I love that chartreuse and raspberry one......really.

I've worked a better part of the day today on a pieced backing for my MMallow quilt top, using fabrics from my stash. Wait til you see it!

Hollie said...

What a great idea! I am dying to see the spiderweb in reality because it looks great virtually!

littlemissmk said...

love love love the Chartreuse and Raspberry Quilt Mock Up! is that pretty tempting to turn that into a real quilt? ha! its beautiful!!!

quilary said...

What a clever idea! It looks as sophisticated as EQ but at a much better price!