Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looking for a Paint Tool

I like to draw pictures to post on my blog to illustrate what I have forgotten to take pictures of or no longer have in my possession. I recently stumbled on what has become one of my favorite blogs ever: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. I am addicted to reading her posts and fascinated by her illustrations. I have embarked on a quest to find a paint program like Paintbrush for MAC users (the program Allie uses) because I love that she is able to use features like transparency to add depth and interest to otherwise very primitive (and AWESOME) pictures.

I found a free program called Tux Paint and even installed the optional stamp feature. I played around with the stamps a little bit today and I am not sure how I feel about a couple of them.

a. creepy doll
b. no less than 10 gravestones
c. an exorbitant amount (in my opinion) of scavenger birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects though if I was a boy this would probably be totally sweet
d. a stone ritual circle

While there were many other really cool stamps in the extended package, these were a bit on the disturbing side. Also, I couldn't save this picture within the paint program in a file format that could be uploaded to this blog. I had to print screen and paste into MS Paint. It does have some really cool brushes, a bunch of ways to "magic" your picture with color shifts, confetti, rainbows, etc., and it has the transparency function so there were some merits but I think I am going to continue looking for a paint program download that is compatible with Windows therefore I am going to give it another try for Bill (see update).

Allie, you rock and I think you should write a book. I will buy it. If you are reading this please don't pay too much attention to my grammar as I am sure I have failed a lot. I don't think I said "alot" anywhere....but I really like your Alot. I would really like to make a quilt for you if you'll let me. I think I'm going to do it anyways.

I would love suggestions from anyone for a cool paint tool that has at least the transparency feature (so I can make cool fabric patterns) and be compatible with Windows!

Update: An interested passerby was kind enough to point me to the "Gallery" page on the Tux Paint website that explains how to find your saved pictures. Doh! Thanks for the info Bill! I feel like a goober...


Bill Kendrick said...

Sorry you're not a fan of some of the stamps that comes with Tux Paint. :) I agree that we need... fewer grave stones. We get this content from contributors (or people who curate other free collections, such as Wikimedia Commons), and sometimes things skew one way or another. It's all done on a volunteer basis, so it's difficult (as project leader) to say "you know what? I don't want your contribution" :)

In any case, I encourage people to contribute... as more people add more stuff THEY'RE interested in, we'll have a great, well-rounded collection of art!

PS - Tux Paint saves in PNG format, and this page explains where to find them:

Keep in mind that Tux Paint is NOT meant to be a Paintbrush replacement; it's meant to be an educational art program for young children. (It just happens to have a ton of cool features that adults like, too!)


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