Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winner of 101 Readers Giveaway!

The 101 Followers Giveaway was randomly selected and the winning comment number is....
Which according to my count means that....
littlemissmk won! Kelley I will be emailing you so we can work out the details. Even though it wasn't the winning comment, I did appreciate hearing this from Kelley:
for what i'd like to see more of- i have to give the go-to answer and say tutorials, cuz you really can't go wrong with awesome tutorials. but my other answer would be things about yourself- i love the fact that you post pics of yourself, say things about who you are, etc. there are some blogs i follow that i really have no clue as to who the person is. i like knowing who i'm reading about. :)

Good news Kelley, I am working on a tutorial for my mini magnets which will include instructions to make the pinwheels featured below as well as several new magnet designs I have been working on.

Itty Bitty Pinwheel Magnets

I am glad that you, and others like you, appreciate that I include bits about myself in my posts. I must admit, I'm not very brave about sharing the really bad stuff. On the whole, I do share a lot and I don't hide the way we live (our wedding, messy sewing room, the ant incident, my lucy pie and how she sneaks under my table, my hockey playing hubby, etc). I like feeling like I can share my life with you all and hopefully it will encourage you to share with me.  

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway! Congratulations again to Kelley! The next milestone marker is 250 Google Friends Connect readers so tell all your friends about Threaded Mess!

Happy Quilting!

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littlemissmk said...

woot woot! i'm so excited!!!!! thanks so much for the awesome giveaway natalie! excited to jump in on the quilt along!