Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspired: Peony, Coral, and Silver

Today's inspiration palate comes from Lizzy B Loves blog. I recognized those Joyfolie shoes right away! The shades of peony and coral with touches of silver and toasted sugar creates a soft, girly, and glamorous look. While I can see this palate working really well in a project for a baby, it's sophisticated and elegant enough for a woman of any age.

What fabrics you might ask? Here are a few I found that work with this palate and style:

Inspired: Peony, Coral and Silver

Inspired: Peony, Coral and Silver

This week the fabrics were all found at Pink Chalk Fabrics using their shop by color link for pink and gray. I love it when websites have features like that!

It was much harder to find handmade projects in this palate but I did find a few:

Inspired: Peony, Coral, and Silver

For more information for any of the fabrics or handmade items, just click on the picture and that will take you to my flickr photostream where you can find the links.

Have you made something in this palate? Leave a comment with a link to your creation so we can all check it out!

Happy Quilting

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Jenny said...

I love your grouping! That's what I love with quilting. Grouping all those great fabrics we fall in love with and put them together!