Monday, May 16, 2011

Marshmallow Brochette QAL - Final Mockup and Button

I know I said I would be doing one post a week, but this is more of an enhancement to the last post and not additional work. Without further ado, here is the final mockup for the lap quilt:

Marshmallow Brochette - Final Mockup

I chose to add an additional column of squares and an additional column of 5" strips so that the width of the quilt is more proportional to the height (finished size is now about 63 x 83 which will work well with a twin sized batting). I also added a 6th square to each column to make cutting and piecing easier based on the standard widths of fabric.

Also, I forgot to create a button for this QAL! Toni was nice enough to point that out and also make a button for me. Isn't she sweet? Here's Toni's button:

This is something I have only tried once before so I wanted to try my hand at it again. Here's my attempt at a button:

I like both of them for different reasons. Use which ever one you'd like on your own blog or website. Just make sure to link the image back to this blog so that others who want to join in the fun can find the Marshmallow Brochette QAL!

Happy Quilting

p.s. - this week we are gathering our materials. If you need some insight into my color selection process you can check out my original post on the fat quarterly blog for more information on how I selected fabric for my mini quilts.

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Toni said...

:) I'm ready! Fabric is all in hand...taking pictures to post on the flickr group! Need to promote in my blog as well - and my modern quilt guild group too!