Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Modern Quilt Tutorials

I was checking out my feedjit traffic and noticed someone found by searching in google for 'modern quilt tutorials'. I thought it would be fun to run the same search and see what page I turn up on. To my COMPLETE shock and utter AMAZEMENT I am number 3 on page 1!!!!! (at least for the moment of course)


Thank you again to all who checked out my blog/blog post on the Fat Quarterly and commented recently. You have helped me tremendously in my mission to share my love of quilting with others around the world. I am so encouraged by all the feedback I've been getting! My first tutorial was such a success and I hope to do many more in the future. Maybe one day I'll even get paid to do all this!

I want to give a special thanks to Monica of The Happy Zombie. It was her comment on my flickr photo and blog that led to a conversation, that led to me doing a lot of smiling and squealing and jumping, that led to more conversations, that led to me submitting my tutorial to the Fat Quarterly. I probably never would have thought to aim so high had it not been for her emphatic belief in me and my design.

I also want to give a special thanks to Hollie of The Undercover Crafter! She gave me a shout out on her blog immediately after I told her my Fat Quarterly post was officially published which I am so grateful for! Hollie and I have never met in person but it feels like we've been close friends for a long time. She got me signed up for both do.Good Stitches {A Charity Bee}and A Dozen Quilters; both have been such rewarding experiences for me! She got me interested in flickr swaps which have been very fun, albeit a little stressful at times (mostly in a good way). She's nominated me for several blog awards and is always quick to comment when she sees something she likes in my flickr photostream or on my blog. Her friendship means the world to me and I am so glad we found each other...even if I can't exactly remember how that happened.

I am looking forward to announcing the winner of the giveaway this Friday and to organizing a quilt-along! I will probably announce the details of the QAL next week after some number crunching this weekend.

Happy Quilting!


happy zombie said...

You're an awesome sandwish, Natalie!! XXOO

Melissa S. said...

Wow! What a great accomplishment.

Hollie said...

Natalie, you're the best! I am so proud of you and I'm so happy to have you as a friend! {MWAH}

Aileen said...

I can't tell you how ironic it is to land on this post, after searching for modern quilt tutorials!

Natalie said...

Hi Aileen! I can't reply directly to you because you are a no-reply commenter, but I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. I was wondering if it was ironic because this post is about searching for 'Modern Quilt Tutorials' or if it's because you know me through someone else...