Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Sick and Tired of These Mother F*ing Ants in this Mother F*ing House!

Matt inspired the title of this blog post. Think Samuel Jackson and Snakes on a Plane.  Why?

After a pleasant day of resting, watching the Harry Potter marathon, and Fellowship of the Ring at Matt's request, we retired to our bed for a good night sleep. To our utter dismay, our bathroom was CRAWLING with ANTS!! Up until this point we had seen a few ants in the kitchen but we naively thought that could be solved by setting out a few ant traps. We. Were. WRONG.

Little did we know, the ants somehow made their way into a hole about the size of pin head in the ceiling of our kitchen pantry, through the insulation, through the sub-flooring, through the carpet, and into our bathroom. Gross.

Home Owners: 0   |   Ants: 1

So instead of spending the morning quilting like I WANT to, Husband and I will be committing genocide on the ant population currently living in our home. We will be trying every method we can find for killing them until we find something that works. Poor little ants have no clue what's coming to them.

ps- we are NOT messy people. Based on the frequency we receive pest control mail I am guessing we inherited this problem from the previous owners. They should have to disclose that in the contract in my opinion.


Home Owners: 1   |   Ants:1

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