Monday, July 12, 2010

A Quilt Just For Me

Since December 2008 when I started quilting and sewing I have made.....

Quilted Projects
Leslie Loves Pink
Alissa's Nursing Cuddle Cover
Laurie's Lady Bug
Alissa's Split Rail Fence
Leslie's Strata Flowers 
Maura's Strata Squares
Samantha's Anything Goes
Mary's Strata Diamonds
Nick's Color Block Split Rail Fence
Mark's Strata Diamonds
Tommy's Lake Shore
Michael's Tackle Box
Pete's Crossword Puzzle
Kate's Scrappy Turtle Coasters
Laurie's Black and White Quilted Book Cover
Keith's Manly Quilted Book Cover
Pat's Purple Quilted Book Cover
Gloria's Zen Quilted Coffee Cozy
Babette's Quilted Coffee Cozy
Anne's Quilted Coffee Cozy
Susan's Quilted Coffee Cozy 

Sewing Projects
A fleece blanket for my mom
4 Red and Black batik place mat
3 pinafores for family
3 pillowcase dresses for family
2 pairs of baby shoes
Appliqued onesies for family
Hair bows
Flower girl dress
Dress for my brother's girlfriend's niece
All sorts of stuff for my Etsy shop Lovie and Boo
Rainbow Around the Block blocks 

Works in Progress
VT Quilt (Silent Action work in progress)  UPDATE: Finished!
Matt's I Do top (work in progress)

I have made quilts, covers, cozies, clothing, shoes, hair accessories, broaches, started an Etsy Store where I sell cover button jewelry -- all for other people.  I'm probably forgetting some things but the point is, I haven't made anything just for me! The closest i have come to something for myself is a batik project made from 3 layer cakes (this thing is HUGE), a shirt that came out devastatingly ugly, a skirt with a similar result, my garter belt for my wedding (I didn't have time to do it properly so it was hot-glued together), and my pinwheel project that is still hanging in piles on my design board.  I love making things for others but at some point I've got to enjoy all that hard work right?

Today Megan at The Bitchy Stitcher posted some teaser photos of her next project: a quilt for herself! I checked it out and I am hooked. I am going to finish up my works in progress, finish up the other two that I have already started (they don't really count because I started them before I found out about this movement), and start a quilt JUST FOR ME!!

Now the question is: Do I buy more fabric or use what I have? Decisions, decisions....

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