Monday, July 19, 2010

Save Money! Chip Chip Cheerio!

I have done absolutely nothing to do with actual quilting and I feel a little guilty about that. I have been doing plenty of shopping though...for myself. I'm not supposed to be because my birthday is next Monday but I couldn't resist the awesome sale going at on Westminster fabrics. $2.49 a yard is rare for high quality fabric like that (normally goes for $9.99 a yard plus shipping). Get at least $35 worth to get the free shipping, use one of the coupon codes at Retail Me Not and save yourself even more money. You're welcome.

I bought 69.5 yards of fabric including yardage by designers Lizzy House (not part of the Westminster sale but still on sale), Valori Wells, Jennifer Pagnelli, Tina Givens, and Free Spirit.

69.5yards x $9.99 = $694.31 (omg don't worry I didn't spend that much)

As you already know, I bought my fabric at a discount and with the super awesome sale and the discount code I only spent $148.48. TOTAL! That's a savings of $545.83!!!!! That's almost 80% off!!!!!

I don't always get such good deals though. In fact, I just recently decided I L.O.V.E. the Red Letter Day line by Lizzy House and paid a premium to snatch up a yard of whatever I could. I managed to snag some of the ducks, trees, and stripes prints but only found one yard of the orange and white color wave of the pearl bracelet print. I would have loved to find that print in every color wave. It makes me really happy. Sadly, I was a little late hopping onto this bandwagon so it's really hard to find (and expensive).

Now I have to use all of that fabric! 

Good luck shopping and Happy Quilting!

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