Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding Wishes

I have been cleaning up my computer to get rid of files I no longer need and came across a file named "Wedding Wishes". I remember writing it to give myself something to look at when I was getting too stressed out but I guess I didn't feel like it was finished so I didn't print it out and then forgot about it at some point. Here's what I wrote:
"I hope our friends and family are safe as they travel to and from the wedding
I hope our wedding represents the love that we feel for each other
I hope every aspect of our life is an extension of our love for each other
I hope I get blisters on my feet from too much dancing
I hope my cheeks hurt from too much laughing
I hope my eyes wrinkle from too much smiling
I hope we not only love each other, but stay IN love with each other through all of life’s challenging and joyful moments
I hope we grow closer each day in respect and love for one another and others
I hope our wedding day is only one of many beautiful and memorable days in our life together"

As far as I know, other than a towing incident that almost happened everyone was safe as they traveled to the wedding. I can absolutely say with confidence that the wedding represented the love we feel for each other. I didn't get blisters but I was VERY glad to take my shoes off once I got to the reception and I kept them off the whole evening. I probably would have gotten flip flops for the reception if I had a second chance. I definitely smiled and laughed a lot. Our wedding day was definitely filled with beautiful memories. It's been just over a month since Matt and I said "I do" and looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing!  (other than the flip flops of course!)

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